We are flattered by the warm compliments that our patients give us. It is a privilege to be a part of their lives. Below are a few of the things patients have written to us.

Reviews taken from Google:

Dr. Beckett and her staff are very knowledgable, professional, and compassionate. I would highly recommend this office for orthodontic care, they take their time with every patient, treat everyone like family and really want the perfect “smile” for every person. Two of my kids have graduated from the office and one is still under their care. If you want the best, choose Dr. Beckett and her staff and you will be more thrilled with the outcome! Diane Babb

Outstanding orthodontist! Probably the best customer service we’ve ever had from any physician office environment EVER. Obviously, the orthodontia care is top notch…but, it is all the other experiences that make this practice special as well. The office staff works in constant sync to make sure your care is coordinated from all aspects (billing, scheduling, etc). Dr. Beckett personally came in on Sunday to fix breakage not once, but twice, for us as we were leaving on vacation Monday AM. That’s customer service at its finest! I recommend without hesitation! Andrea Lac

Everybody there is amazing! Its a clean pleasant environment and everybody there is so dedicated to what they do. My teeth look amazing and they were exactly on target as to when they wanted my teeth to be done and they were! Thank you Dr. Beckett and staff! I can smile again! Jenna Johnson

Dr. Beckett is amazing! We have had experience with other orthodontists and she is by far the most professional and most caring one we have met. She sincerely cares about her patients and is happy to answer any and all questions you might have. We have had two children treated by her and are so happy we switched from a different orthodontist. Our older son started with her after his braces came off and his teeth shifted. She fixed his teeth, gave him a retainer and she is still keeping an eye on him because of the way he swallows. A lot of times you hear orthodontists will not take braces off the child’s teeth until you have finished paying. Dr. Beckett only keeps the braces on as long as the individual child needs it. We are still paying for the braces but our second son has already gotten his braces off! We can’t say enough great things about Dr. Beckett and her staff! Michelle Wenner

So friendly.. informative.. kind. They take the time to explain everything thoroughly, and make the patients and parents feel comfortable. I was referred here by my brother, who used them for his daughter’s braces after using another local place for his son, and he was not happy with that place. I would recommend them in a heartbeat to anyone. Heather Anderson

Went to an Orthodontist in the Quakertown Area where we live and they wanted to extract my son’s premolars to make room in his mouth. He was 16 yrs old at the time. We went to Beckett-Zebrick Orthodontics for a second opinion. At this office they use a very conservative approach. Both my sons were put in palatal expanders first and then braces. Neither of them needed any teeth extracted except for their wisdom teeth. Our second son just had his braces removed and we couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome! Everyone in this office works together to make sure the patient has a great experience. Never felt like we were treated like a number. They truly appreciate your business. So glad we made the 20 minute drive down the turnpike. Debra Hunsberger

Very impressed with my daughter’s treatment. They don’t rush to put young kids in braces. They are great. Margaret Hoff

Dr Beckett is the best Orthodontist! We have been under Dr Beckett’s care a number of years and would not have it any other way! Her confident, kind, patient and most important, professional manner makes the practice the best around. She is dedicated to each and every patient giving them the best care. She is an expert in her field. The staff is friendly and is a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her practice! Kellie

Beckett-Zebrick Orthodontics is excellent! The initial consult was where I made my decision to go with them. They took an hour taking pictures of my teeth and going over the techniques they would use, the time line, and financial options. I was absolutely impressed because other orthodontists I had consults with only spent about 10 minutes. They truly value and care about their clients AND are awesome at their profession. The entire staff is friendly as well and always makes you feel welcome! Also, the Disney decorations are fun:)! -Amanda Alden

The Eppers Family: My daughter is a newer patient and I am glad we changed over! The initial visit was enough to convince me we were making the right decision: helpful and friendly staff, great office (not just the cool toys), and the visit was informative and comforting. I truly feel like the orthodontists are making the best decisions for Maddy’s mouth, not just an easy/expensive appliance treatment we were getting elsewhere.

At first I couldn’t stand thinking about getting my braces…especially at 10! When I got to the office, I was wriggling in my seat and complaining about getting my braces. Before I knew it, they were on! The first thing I said was “Are you going to put them on yet?” They were so careful I didn’t even know they were on!!! They are so good at what they do, Dr. Beckett’s is fun and welcoming. I feel as if any other place wouldn’t be right. They meet my parents’ pay limit perfectly, the people get active with you and chat and are so kind, they even have a game room! I can find NO flaws in Dr. Beckett’s office. I love the variety of colors they provide for the braces and how fast they work. I’ve been going for a year now, and I have one more year to go, but my teeth are already looking better! Whenever I go to a family’s get-together, they comment on how my face has changed so much in such a good way due to my braces. Personally (this sounds odd but) I look forward to going and am disappointed when my visit ends so soon. Love: Zoe Curran

Beckett-Zebrick Orthodontics is a warm, friendly and welcoming place to visit. Braces can be emotionally and physically daunting at times. But Dr. Beckett’s willingness to take the time to explain each step helps me to visualize the end result. The staff is equally knowledgable in their field and are compassionate as well. I HIGHLY recommend the new advancement in braces, SureSmile. I love it! Lisa Slotter

I love my orthodontic appointments! All the support staff is so nice to me – I really love to go there. It’s always a pleasant experience for me. I know after I get my braces off I will have a beautifful smile. All because of the wonderful work from everyone that works there! Thank you so much for being such a great Orthodontist! Jenny Ubowski


“Beckett-Zebrick Orthodontics is excellent! The initial consult was where I made my decision to go with them. They took an hour taking pictures of my teeth and going over the techniques they would use, the timeline, and financial options. I was absolutely impressed because other orthodontists I had consults with spent only about ten minutes. They truly value and care about their patients AND are awesome at their profession. The entire staff is friendly as well and always makes you feel welcome! Also, the Disney decorations are fun.”

“Very impressed with my daughter’s treatment. They don’t rush to put young kids in braces. They are great.”

“I would have to say that this practice is by far the best place to go. The people there are so friendly and sociable. When I go into the office, I feel very welcomed. They work with you on a financial level and always answer your questions. I love the fact that it’s decorated with the love of Disney World. They make your appointment comfortable and amusing. When I walk in, I feel like a friend. Dr. Beckett and her father are very intelligent. There are no hidden or added-on costs afterwards. If you’re planning to start your child in braces, I highly recommend Beckett-Zebrick Orthodontics. They are highly trained and kind.”

“Beckett-Zebrick Orthodontics is the best in treatment, care, knowledge, and application that we have ever experiences. From their warm and friendly staff to the professional, yet fun, atmosphere, no other practice comes close.”

“I have absolutely loved using you as an orthodontist. Who knew it could be so much fun? From day one, you all have been welcoming and loving. I had dreaded braces for so long, but you all took the fear away and made it enjoyable. Thank you!”

“My children are very relaxed and feel comfortable with staff. Love the atmosphere. Related to their age level, and they listen to the girls. They take time with them and explain procedures. Thanks for a great experience! They are all ‘Smiles’ with their results.”

“The thing I like best about this office is definitely the staff! You are all so friendly, warm, and caring. Your practice is not just an orthodontic office but also a place to visit with friends. You have all made me feel so comfortable.”

“We are a Disney family so we love the office decor! Staff has gone above and beyond with Rachael, treated her wonderfully, and has so much patience working with her!”

“Never have to wait for appointments. Very friendly, while at the same time very professional. Nice balance. We would definitely return to your office.”

“Your office is, bar none, the most efficient, happy, courteous place of business (especially medical) I have ever encountered. The distance from my house is inconvenient, but I chose your practice over a closer practice on purpose because of the above.”

“Everyone is happy and positive. I think this is the best office we have ever dealt with. Thanks for all the good work!”

“Thank you so much for the years of orthodontic work that gave me the smile I have now! I’m very lucky to have had such a great orthodontic team to treat me!”

“Just a note to say thank you and your staff for how helpful everyone has been the past week with my son and his braces. I appreciate that you saw Adam after hours on Friday to repair his broken bracket. It made our long weekend away much more enjoyable. Customer service like we have seen in the last week is rare, but I now see why your office came so highly recommended.”

“The office is so cheerful and colorful with the Disney items and the playroom. The boys are kept comfortable with the TVs while waiting and are always empowered with the ability to make their own choices in band colors.”

“It has been a pleasure to work with you all. What a knowledgeable and caring staff!”

“Sincere, pleasant, and warmhearted service and care. You should clone yourselves, or at least teach other health professionals how to run an office. This is the most pleasant office I have ever been in. Regardless of the mood of my teenagers, they were treated with dignity and respect. Basic kindness and care goes a long way when interacting with people. I’m so glad and thankful we’ve met you all. Keep up the great work! The kids have gorgeous smiles.”

“Friendly, love the email and check-in system.”

“Friendly, courteous staff and kid-friendly office make going to the orthodontist fun for the kids.”

“Always, everyone has a smile. Thank you for your excellent service.”

“Your office is very organized and friendly. Any concerns I had were handled professionally.”

“I have never seen a staff like yours before. You work very well together.”

“The staff takes a very personal interest in what our family is doing, which demonstrates that they truly care about their patients.”

“The office is wonderful. I want to thank everyone for such a wonderful smile.”